“I was first drawn to the Teacher Training program at Twisted because it was and still is my favorite studio. I also resonate with Jamie’s teaching style.  The program itself allowed me to dig deeper into my practice and has brought me to a place where I know and am comfortable with my true self.  It helped me build confidence and get over my fears around public speaking…something that I avoided as much as possible prior to this training!  I had fun, worked hard and connected with the other trainees, who all seemed to have a lot more in common than just a love for yoga…similar lifestyles, beliefs and interests.  It has been so inspiring to see everyone I graduated with blossom as Yoga Teachers!  What I believe is truly unique to this program is that you start teaching right away, and that to me, is the only way to learn how to become a great Teacher…learn the cues, learn the poses and most importantly, learn to be comfortable in your own skin.  I recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming an instructor!”