Teacher Training Requirements



Studio/Training Policy

Asteya (non stealing): Please be punctual. Sessions will start on time. Please call or text Jamie if you know you will be tardy. Missed time must be made up.

Sauca (cleanliness): Be prepared for training sessions with a clean mind and a clean body. Show up mentally prepared for practice and training. Avoid heavy perfumes/essential oils, scented soaps, etc. Feel free to bring a change of clothes for after classes if you’d like to change or clean up (FYI: Twisted Hot Yoga has bathrooms but not a shower). To keep the studio clean: no shoes (socks or barefeet), no food in the studio (you will have plenty of break time for snacks/lunches in the lobby), beverages are welcome if you have a cup with a lid.

Ahimsa (non-violence): We will be giving one another feedback often to help each other grow and succeed in this training. It is important to speak truthfully (satya) but from a place of love and kindness. Everything you say as part of feedback should happen in the group or 1:1 with the individual receiving feedback.

Lunch/Breaks: We recommend packing a lunch and light snacks if possible. We will be practicing quite a lot and it’s important to fuel appropriately. There are restaurants in the area if you are in a pinch, but we will keep lunch breaks short (30 minutes max) to finish training sessions on time. You will also have ample break time.

“Office Hours”: Jamie will be available for 30 minutes before training sessions and at least 15 minutes after sessions. This is a great time for any questions of a personal nature or to get further clarification on anything we have covered during our sessions. If you require more than that amount of time or if you wish for more privacy, please reach out to her personally in advance and you can schedule a time to meet.


What to bring

  1. Yoga mat and a bolster, pillow, or blanket to sit on if you wish (we will have our discussions in the studio and this makes it much more comfortable to sit for longer periods of time).
  2. Water bottle, lunch/snacks
  3. 2 notebooks for journaling
  4. Mark Stevens “Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques”
  5. Roots Yoga Manual (will be provided to you at our first session)
  6. Change of clothes if you’d like to freshen up at any point after practices



Requirements for Completion of Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Attendance: Trainees are required to attend all training sessions. If a trainee must miss a session that time must be made up with a lead trainer (Jamie). Discounted private class rates ($60 for 75 minutes) may apply to make up the missed time. Please be proactive when you know you must miss a training session and contact us as soon as possible. We know life can be unexpected at times and we will be as helpful as possible in the event of absences, but to be certified through Yoga Alliance a minimum of 180 hours with a lead trainer MUST be attained.
  2. Punctuality: Trainees must be on time for training. Being late steals from the other participants in this training. Please reach out if you will be tardy.
  3. Observations: You must observe at least 5 yoga classes during the duration of training and complete the observation sheet in your manual for each class. You must observe at least 2 Heat classes and 2 Sweet Heat classes the fifth class can be anything you’d like. You can observe the classes during training time or on your own time.
  4. Final Written Exam: Everything on the exam will be covered at length during training and a study guide will be completed in class. Exam will take place on the second to last weekend of training. No worries!
  5. Final Practical Exam: Trainees will teach a full 60-minute class from start to finish on their own. Jamie must be present.
  6. Homework/Reading Assignments: Trainees are expected to complete all assignments, practice teaching, and readings associated with training. This will take about 5 hours per week of work outside our scheduled training sessions. If it is consistently taking you more than 5 hours, please reach out so we can make other arrangements.
  7. Home Practice Journal: Trainees will be expected to practice outside of training for a minimum of 20 minutes 4 times per week and document the date/time/duration of each practice. Half of those practices (2 per week) need to be a self-led home practice. The other 2 can be home practices or they can be formal classes in a studio, gym, etc.

Examples of journal entries:

“Thursday 10/2/18: 60-minute Sweet Heat Class with Jamie at Twisted”

“Friday 10/3/18: 20-minute home practice (hip openers and 10-minute seated meditation)”

  1. Tuition: Tuition must be paid in full in accordance to the agreement made between Twisted Hot Yoga and the trainee
  2. Yoga Alliance: To become a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) you must register with Yoga Alliance and pay the yearly dues laid out by YA. You will have met the criteria to register with Yoga Alliance after completion of this course. We will help you with this process. This is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training, but registration with Yoga Alliance is still required.