Reopening Policies

We’re back in the studios! Our goal is to maintain our warm, welcoming, joyful vibe while also helping you and our staff members feel safe enough to return. We truly appreciate your cooperation.
👉 Masks are required when entering the lobby and walking around the building. Beginning May 15, you may remove your mask once you are on your mat. Beginning July 1, masks will not be required in the building. A reminder that if you are not fully vaccinated, you are required by the State of Michigan and strongly encouraged by us to continue wearing a mask at all times when indoors until July 1.
👉 We will not be sharing props such as blocks and straps until July 1, so please bring your own. We are now renting out the Manduka eKo mat, since Manduka now makes a disinfectant for this mat. Your first mat rental is free. After that, it’s $3 to rent a mat. Lots of brand spanking new mats, towels and props in the house, too. Products we sell.
👉Drastically reduced capacities. We will be operating at 40% capacity in order to maintain 6 ft social distancing requirements. On July 1, we will increase to 60% and we will return to 100% in the Fall. New mat markers will be placed down and it will be imperative that you take your mat to a marker. A sticker should be located at the back center of your mat.⁣ 
👉 Heightened cleaning procedures and policies. If you’ve been to our studios, you know that we are constantly cleaning. We have always cleaned the yoga room in between every single class and that will continue. But we now have a hospital grade disinfectant that will be used on our floors and high-touch areas such as door knobs, bathrooms and cubbies after Every. Single. Class. Students will not be permitted to enter the yoga room until the desk staff or instructor is done cleaning.⁣
👉 Ventilation. Since day one, we have invested in something called an ERV at each location (aka a $10k ventilation system). Essentially, it blows in air from outside, sucks out bad air. (Ever notice that our yoga room doesn’t stink even after a sweaty session? Yeah, that’s why.) We’ve always run it in between classes, but now we will be running it throughout the entire class so you will always have fresh air coming into the room. Note: This high powered ventilation system tends to drop the temp/humidity in the classroom.  This means that it might not (probably won’t) be a full blown 99 degrees in the room. It’ll be closer to 90-95 with incredibly high air quality. You’ll still sweat, we PROMISE!
👉You will still be getting your beloved lavender towel. Instead of placing it on your forehead, we will place it on / beside your hand. ⁣
Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation and we cannot wait to see you back in the studio! Until then, we hope you will join us for our virtual classes. Click here to speak to someone about your membership.