Our Team

We are a team of 16 instructors. We all have different backgrounds and approaches, but we have one thing in common…the LOVE of yoga!

Ginya 🧡Twisted Founder and Chief Executive Yogini 🧡Notoriously Challenging 🧡Killer playlist 🧡Laughs at her own jokes


Cassie 🧡Studio Operations Manager 🧡Forever a Student 🧡Kind-Hearted 🧡Packs a Punch 🧡Inspiring


Jamie M. 🧡Director of Teacher Training 🧡Compassionate 🧡Purposeful 🧡Powerful 🧡Philosophy Junky


Amanda A. 🧡Passionate 🧡Ever-Evolving 🧡Core-Focused 🧡Resident Ass Whooper


 Amanda D. 🧡Mellow 🧡Fiery 🧡Explorative 🧡Whimsical


Ashley 🧡Laid-Back 🧡Intentional 🧡Inviting 🧡Supportive


Caitlin 🧡Science Teacher Turned Doctor 🧡Anatomy-Lover 🧡Fun & Bubbly 🧡Creative & Authentic


 Grace 🧡Balanced 🧡Approachable 🧡Challenging 🧡Light-Hearted


Jamie K. 🧡Engaging 🧡Upbeat 🧡Empowering 🧡Great Music


Jessica 🧡Whole-Hearted 🧡Empowering 🧡Growth-Focused 🧡Adventurous


Kevin 🧡Grounded 🧡Attentive 🧡Technique-Driven 🧡Peaceful


Natalie 🧡Brisk 🧡Rythmic 🧡Uplifting 🧡Exercise Physiology is her Philosophy


Melissa 🧡Relaxing 🧡Refreshing 🧡Soulful 🧡Mindful


Sarah 🧡Joyful 🧡Physically Challenging 🧡Mentally Invigorating


Shelby 🧡Heartfelt 🧡Steady 🧡Warm 🧡Early Bird Enthusiast


Wendy 🧡Twisted OG 🧡Alignment-Focused 🧡Playful 🧡May break out into dance mid-class