Download the Twisted app and get rewarded for spending money, taking classes and referring friends! Rewards do not expire, so you can use them right away (hello, instant gratification!) or let them accumulate and use them for something BIG!

Earning points:

1 point for every dollar spent

10 points for every class you take

50 points when you attend a workshop

50 points when you attend Bend & Brew

25 points when you refer a friend (Make sure your friends who you are referring download the app and tell us that you referred them when they register)

100 points if your friend buys our intro offer

250 points if your friend buys a class pack

500 points if your friend buys a membership

Redeeming your points:

500 points= $5 off anything or FREE Twisted Plastic Mason Jar

1,000 points= FREE Twisted stainless steel water bottle or tank

3,000 points= FREE Manduka eKo 5mm Mat OR Twisted leggings

15,000 points= 3 month membership!

Take the January Challenge:

The TOP 3 points earners in January will win a 3-Month Membership! TOP 20 will win a free Twisted beanie! To join the challenge, just download the app and start earning points! You’ll be able to see how many points you have and check your standing in the challenge from the app! There are no losers. Even if you don’t win the challenge, you can still redeem your points for cool prizes. You may want an unlimited pass to take this challenge! If you’re new to us, try us for 30 Days for $49! If you’re not new and don’t have a current membership, check out our pricing HERE!


Click on one of the icons below to download the NEW app on your Apple or Android device!

Rewards are subject to change.