Fall/Winter Workshop Series

All workshops are at Knapp’s Corner and led by Jamie Marion E-RYT200 YACEP. 12-Month Members receive 20% off. 3-Month Members receive 10% off.  Discount automatic at checkout. All levels welcome at all workshops.

November 2 – 2-4pm – Core Workshop: Finding your Float (aka Socks & Blocks)

This workshop will help you fire up your core physically and energetically. When we work to bring strength and flexibility into our center we create a stronger and safer yoga practice and we bring more stability into our life off the mat as well. A strong core helps us to realize how capable and strong we are in life as well as in our yoga practice. This class will include plenty of core work as well as twists and back bends to create a healthy balance of suppleness and strength in the body. We will cover using the core to float forward and backward during sun salutations as well as how core strength helps us in intermediate to advanced yoga postures. Expect to be challenged physically in a playful environment. What to bring: a pair of socks, a towel and a playful spirit.$35

November 16 – 2-4pm – Yamas & Niyamas Workshop

This workshop will consist of a short discussion followed by a yoga practice exploring the Yamas and Niyamas. The Yamas (social restraints) and Niyamas (personal observances) are the first and second of the 8 limbs of yoga. They include ideas like non-violence, contentment and surrender among others. These ideas will be explored through asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work), mantra (repeated words or phrases), mudras (hand placements to promote healing) and meditation. $35

January 11 – 2-4pm – Inversions: Flip Your Perspective

When we go upside down in our yoga practice it can have an energizing or a relaxing effect on the body depending on the type of inversion we choose to practice. Inversions challenge and humble us as well as create a tremendous amount of core and upper body strength. Join us as we explore how to safely turn our worlds upside down. We will cover multiple approaches to headstand and handstand and then explore the cooling effects of legs up the wall and shoulderstand. $35

January 18 – 2-4pm – Arm Balances and Advanced Transitions
This workshop will introduce students to the world of arm balances. We discuss the mechanics of crow pose and  use that as a base to explore a few other arm balances as time permits (hurdler’s pose, side crow, firefly, etc). We will also explore the postures that can be used to build the strength and stamina needed to feel safe and stable in  arm balances. More than any other posture, arm balances can remind us that yoga poses are not the most important part of a yoga practice, they are just one tool we can use to learn more about ourselves. It’s truly all about the journey. $35

February 8 – 2-4pm Backbends: Safe and Strong Heart-Openers
This all-levels workshop breaks down the components of big backbends such as wheel and camel in order to create a back bending practice that is structurally sound as well as expansive. We’ll discuss alignment and techniques to find ease in backbends as well as discuss the energetic implications of heart opening. For this workshop we will start with a discussion, meditation, and warm up to prepare our bodies and minds for backbends and then spend considerable time discussing and practicing the alignment and structure of wheel, camel, bow, and more. There will also be opportunities for more advanced backbends and plenty of time to counter their energetic effects with twists and restorative forward folds. $35

February 22 – 2-5pm – Sequencing for Yoga Teachers
Do you want to teach yoga classes that are joyful, safe, and sensible? Please join us for a three hour workshop where we will discuss best practices and guidelines for sequencing yoga classes in a way that is lighthearted and enjoyable but also meaningful, structured, and safe. It is possible to sequence classes creatively while still offering a practice that incorporates mindfulness and physical safety. We will discuss sequencing yoga classes based on three different methods: 1. Sequencing to a peak posture, 2. Sequencing around a philosophical idea, and 3. Sequencing with a focus on the subtle body. Expect discussion, collaboration, and self-inquiry. Please bring your mat and a notebook for journaling. Current RYTs can receive 3 CEUs. $55

Bend&Brew at Perrin Brewing

1st Saturday of every month (Oct-May) at 10am

Join us for yoga + a beer! Tickets are $10 and include a 50-minute yoga class + pint of beer. Doors open at 9:30. Beer flows at 11.