Whether you’ve been practicing for years or you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat, we have a class for you!


Vinyasa yoga. Through a series of dynamic movements synced with your breath, you’ll strengthen every muscle in your body and relax your mind. All levels welcome. 99°, ~45% humidity.

Sweet Heat

Slow Flow. Build strength, increase flexibility and improve your balance in this slower paced class. This class is perfect for a beginner looking to dip their toes into yoga or an experienced yogi looking to slow things down. All levels welcome. 99°, ~45% humidity.


The hottest workout in town! This is a Heat class with hand weights incorporated into the flow for added strength and sculpting benefits. The music is loud, the energy is amazing. This class is open to all levels, but if you’re new to yoga, we recommend you take at least a couple of Heat classes first.92°, ~45% humidity.


Yin+Guided Meditation. This class consists of 60 minutes of Yin Yoga followed by 15 minutes of guided meditation. In Yin, we go sloooooooowwwww with floor poses that are held for longer periods of time—up to 5 minutes. This is yoga for the connective tissue, not the muscles. This is the perfect way to end your day and enter a state of complete relaxation.  85°, No added humidity.

Happy Hour

Our traditional “Heat” class for just $5. This class fills up, so we encourage you to sign up online! This class is free if you have a membership. If you don’t have a membership or current package, you will be asked to pay in order to reserve your spot! 99°, ~45% humidity.